JUNE 8, 2016

Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Convention Center

Casino Night


Here is what our guests had to say about the 2015 SDM 100 Gala

"It sure was a pleasure being with you and your team for the Gala.How special to be up there with legendary companies like Bay, Guardian, Per Mar, AFA, ADT, and ADS! I’m not a gambler, but I enjoyed playing the game with all my play money. It was nice to bump into people I know while in line to place bets or collect winnings, and everyone seemed to have fun.”

“I really enjoyed last night’s Gala – so much fun! Very well done – I stayed to the very end! ”

"The SDM 100 has always been a helpful tool to assess the competitive landscape. We are proud to be on the list and await the release every year. We actually spend a good amount of time analyzing the metrics provided on the different members of the SDM 100 as a way to measure where we stand beyond just the ranking."

Thank you to those who came out for the 11th Annual SDM 100 Gala!  

diceWe invite you to join us for the 11th Annual Gala on June 8, 2016 in Fort Worth, TX held in conjunction with ESA and CSAA's Electronic Security Expo (ESX). This social event honors and celebrate an incredible group of leading security executives from the nations largest installing and monitoring companies ranked on the SDM 100 Report.


martiniNow in its 26th year, the SDM 100 Report ranks U.S. companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems to residential and non-residential customers. In 2013, recurring monthly revenue (RMR) was over $663 billion for all SDM 100 companies. The SDM 100 Report continues to prove that security is a significant concern of both homeowners and business leaders and we are excited to see results of the 26th annual report this Spring.



     SDM 100 Representatives at 2016 Gala


Congratulations to all SDM 100 Companies!

View Complete SDM 100 Report Here

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