Renova Technology specializes in component/board level repair of complex electronics such as commercial security equipment. Renova repairs over 1,500 different models of out-of-warranty Commercial Security Cameras, DVR/NVR, as well as select Access Control and other devices. This menu grows by 30+ devices monthly, as Renova repairs for the top SDM 100 Integrators, Regional and smaller integrators, Homeland Security, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Municipalities, etc. Renova’s repair lead times average well under 7 business days and expedites are available. Repair prices are standard (no bench fees), and there is never a charge if a product cannot be repaired. With historically 97% of all devices received successfully repaired, Renova offers a 90 day repair warranty and has less than 1% historical OBF rate. Integrators whose RMR includes service/maintenance with parts save an average of $1,100 by repairing rather than replacing a camera and an average savings of $2,400 on DVR repair. In 2017 Renova saved customers $6.8 million by repairing devices that would have otherwise been replaced. Renova provides a host of CPI compliant services, including hard drive cold storage, video retrieval, as well as advanced analytics and customized reporting – all documented to drive down service costs, enhance loss prevention, and promote customer loyalty to the integrator enterprise. For more information email: or